Chaos is birthing stars 

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What if I was the best coach of the world ? 

Try me, you’ll get it… 


When we see ourselves as a hammer, everything looks like a tack. I believe strentgh is hidden in our ambivalence, our contradictions are complementaries, and we can learn how to reconciliate them. We just have to learn how to create relational contracts, with ourselves, and the others around us. What such a pratice can do for you : 

  • Blow up your limiting beliefs about yourself and the others ? 
  • Step out of the dependance / codependances relational dynamics and to stop having toxic relationships 
  • Break down into pices your dark ideas and developp a real taste for life
  • Make war to your addiction and bad habits 
  • Bring your inner ressource to the level of consciousnes and regroup and concentrate your skills toward your goals.
  • Feed your projects that really matter, with energy and enthousiasm and… a bit of optimism. 


We are not what we think. We are not either our emotions. We are just us, with thoughts and emotions momentarelly going throught us. Coaching will help us to reconciliate with our emotions / thoughts / beliefs and to understand the message they convey : our real core needs. This helps to find what are the gears to put in motion. The coaching may help in : 

  • Identifying and recognizing what are our thoughts and emotions
  • Understanding our systemic, repetitive, harmful behaviors
  • Transforming our  emotions into engines for appropriate actions (the “e-nergie in-motion” logic)
  • Discovering the origin of limiting beliefs and the paralysing consequences of keeping them.
  • Knowing ourself with authenticity, and recognizing our manipulative behaviours (and by extention, understanding them in others) 
  • Transcending ourself to the ideals we have for our personnal success.


Self esteem is a pillar for a happy life. Easier said than done, I know !

I hope you’ll let me help you discovering what treasures of ressources are available and activable to your self confidence and by extent to be able to trust others and that the universe conspire in your favor. 

  • Surpass yourself while having fun with life
  • Make your daily a ludic and constant learning space
  • Discover your identity with games and challenging exercises
  • Take back control on your self narrativ to become the conscious thinker instead of the victim, or worse, the savior.
  • Find the right path to go against internal resistances
  • Conquer your self confidence and your will power.

Sens of priorities

To set course to your life, give a real sens of enjoyement in your life, is the most beautiful gift you can offer yourself. It’s never too late to learn about self mechanism and personnal motivations. Deep routing beliefs and constant need for validation. I may help you on that.

  • Make the time your allie and not your foe
  • Transform constraints into engines made of challenges
  • Plan and schedule healthy habits
  • Take back the helm of your life
  • Head for success in a healthy and sustainable rythm.
  • Explor and sail away to the ocean of opportunities that the universe is willingly offering you. 


To find harmony and attunement with the others, one must start to attune to oneself. To do that, one must know oneself, be sincere with oneself, be able to know the underlying realtionnal dynamics that one is using and why : everything that you will surely explore with coaching.

  •  Focus on your goals
  • Cease victimization
  • Step out  from dramatic dynamics
  • Pratice disentification
  • Voice your truth, and your boundaries
  • Highlight and promot your best ressources


Let’s be clear : you are not the problem, but… neither are the others ! Meanwhile, it might lies in the interactions and the way you interfaces with others. To enhance communication skills one can learn to understand (and reconciliate with) their misunderstandings, mistakes & quiproquos ; learning how to respect personnal boundaries is one of the most usefull and constructive exploration brought by coaching.

  • Understand and reown functionnal  relationnal dynamic : – Why do I leave relationships ? why people are abandonning me ?  why do I repeat toxic schemes ? why can’t I have healthy relationships ?  Why people are rejecting me even though I do everything for that not to happen ? … 
  • Enhance charisma as well as seduction skills
  • Tame the concept of intimacy and be able to build healthy and secure relationship
  • Learn how to use non violent communication on a regular basis
  • Transmute conflict into happy and constructive transactions
  • Integrate your shadows


To look upon fears under a miscorscope, or into a mirror is to look upon the negative of the imprint of our lacks. Coaching offers to first reconciliate with the benefits of fears, the virtue of anxiety. Because they can become healthy relationnalship tools instead of preventing or forbiding actions and… relationship. 

Coaching may help in those domains : 

  • Understanding and facing fears
  • Mastering and subduing worries
  • Building a sens of safety while respecting your freedom
  • Channelling the energies of fear and worries toward secured attachement relationship
  • Transforming perceeved vulnerabilities into concrete strengths
  • Encountering sovereignty and personnal power


Like Jung said : “hidden in the shadows are lying treasures full of light“. Coaching tools and methods have the goal to enlight you on your personnal internal truths. By deepening your self knowledge you become more able to be open, receiving, touched with the grace, with the rest of the world.

  • Parts work
  • Identity matrix
  • Ericksonnian Hypnosis
  • Channeling 
  • Transactionnal analysis
  • Systemic Coaching