Life coaching
Personnal Developpement

Stars are birthed in Chaos ”

For an athlete, the coach is the one who encourages progress, who motivates to surpass yourself, who adjusts the technical aspects and kicks the buttocks until obtaining the result that the athlete has set for himself. The coach is the one who will ask questions that you have never asked yourself, who will examine with you the blockages and unravel the balls of knots, so that you can decide on the objectives that really deserve your time and your energy, in order to live fully every moment.

The coaching can lead you to :
– develop or regain your self-esteem, and therefore your self-confidence
– understand why a situation is repeating itself and how to get out of this infernal circle
– define and respect personal limits, the limits not to be exceeded, for yourself and with others
– create and maintain healthy relational dynamics, find rewarding relationships
– learn to define achievable objectives and an adapted action plan
– regain control over your life, over your emotions
– dare to assert yourself, dare to change things
– discover your true potential
– exceed the limits that others have set for you

Recommendation :
from 3 to 12 sessions (maximum)


Can I do personal development coaching aimlessly?
So let’s be clear: wanting to develop personally is a goal in itself. Having 1, 2 or 3 precise and measurable objectives is ideal, and allows you to learn methods for self-coaching through concrete subjects.

Can I call on a coach for any problem?
In theory yes. Afterwards, if your problem is medical, or if you suffer from a psychological pathology, it is important (even necessary) that you are monitored by a health professionalon the side of the coaching. Coaching cannot, and must not, in any case, replace medical monitoring, but can be a good complement.
We will discuss the relevance of coaching to your problem during our Discovery Session.

I know there is a maximum of 12 sessions, but if I need additional sessions: will I be able to do it?
The principle of coaching is to learn to become your own personal coach, so my goal is, as quickly and efficiently as possible, that you no longer need me. But, if necessary, and if you have additional topics you want to move forward on, a new coaching process can be relaunched, with fewer sessions.

Can I offer coaching sessions to someone else ?
I’m really not sure this is a good idea. The coaching process is a process of voluntary change. One has to enter into self developpement willingly. We don’t force anyone to do coaching or personal development. It would be better to discuss it with the person you would like to see coached, and to arrange for them to launch themselves in the process, on their own terms. If this personn asks you to, however, you can pay for one or the other session from the 3rd onwards. Know that if someone comes to me because you’ve bothered them too much with this, and they want you to let go, they’ll probably talk to me first about YOU.

I have experienced very traumatic things in my life: will I be able to talk about it during the sessions?
Sure. The sessions are a secure place where I’m listening and welcoming emotion wherever they come from. Your experience has forged who you are now. It is neither to be neglected, nor to be judged or denied. Anything you want to share is fair and has a place in the coaching process. It can even be a place to learn to overcome it, or even to mourn your situation as a victim to take back your personal power.

I don’t have a lot of means, can I benefit from ” light ” coaching?
Contact me for a Discovery Session, and I will see what can be done according to your goals. Subscribing to a package can also allow you to obtain a reduction on all sessions. Finally, keep an eye out for my promotional offers on the Grenade Coaching facebook page.

This kind of coaching can be very short; we learn how to establish a relational contract that favors both parties while respecting each other’s limits. You learn to improve your listening skills, to know how to defend your personal limits without these becoming a problem for the other, to manage a conflict without violence and which leads to a positive result.

I can carry out the sessions online all you need is a webcam and a good microphone.

This type of coaching can take from one to ten sessions, depending on your needs and the appearance of noticeable changes in your relationship.


Harmony rules when you understand the means of chaos”

Whether you encounter relationship difficulties in your couple (your herd, or your polyamorous relationships), in your family relationships (parents-child, brother-sister …), work colleagues, or between professionnal partners, there is a solution that can allow you to re-establish a healthy, constructive dialogue without damage: the coaching of relational couples.

Recommendation :
FROM 1 to 10 sessions


Do you have to be in a loving couple to do relational couple coaching?
No. You just need to feel that your relationship with someone is difficult and to feel that outside help would be beneficial for your relationship.

Do I always have to establish a relational contract with the people around me?
In a way… yes. It is a contract that is not necessarily written, but in the long term, it becomes an easy, healthy practice, and which allows for peaceful relationships.

If you are a woman, are you not always going to take her side?
Obviously, no. I am neutral. I respect all genres (binary or not) and all forms of relationships. I am only a facilitator or a mediator, but in no case do I take sides.

Can we do relationship coaching for couples if one of us is already coaching in seduction or personal development with you?
It is quite possible. But be aware that I will not take sides, and therefor, that I will probably act genuine in front of informations we only talked in the private frame of your personnal sessions.

Can we call on you even if we are in a process of separation?
Yes, absolutely, it can even help facilitate communication where there are difficulties, and allow this separation to be accomplished without regrets while maintaining a courteous and respectful dialogue. It also makes it possible to understand the incompatibilities, the differences, so as not to fall back into a similar pattern in the future, and to make sure to accept the change in a flexible way.

SEDUCTION coaching

Seduction is a subbtle art where authenticity is mandatory.

It is sometimes difficult to find a soul mate, or just partners to have a good time. So as not to be alone, there are plenty of things you can do, and nothing is lost or wasted. It is always possible to find someone, whatever your situation, all it takes is a little help.

What does seduction coaching consist of? To start : discovering your charm assets, and the things that make you someone unique. In a few words, regaining confidence in your power of seduction. Then, know what to say, when, where? What to listen to? Why ? Finally, show yourself in your most authentic and interesting light.

What the service includes:
– Analysis of your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses also to help you get to know yourself well and present yourself in a good an genuine light, wherever you need to do it (in person, or on dating sites);
– Discover together what makes you feel loved, and what you expect from your partner (s) as well as the relationship mode that suits you best;
– Practice approaching someone, interacting and dealing with rejection in a constructive way so as not to be discouraged in your search;
– Learn to read between the lines, and to recognize the subtle messages, as well as to define your desire of the real information which is transmitted to you;
– Understand how to maintain your self-confidence to invest your time intelligently in your search for partners;
– Explore your limiting beliefs to instigate them from your true core values.

RECOMMENDED : FROM 3 TO 5 sessions


Are we talking about sex while in seduction coaching session ?
Yes. We are talking about it. Because sexuality (or the lack of it) is an important relational topic that ultimately concerns us all, at least one day. Sex is not a bad thing. We tackle it in session, without taboos, because it is a subject that you will also be brought to address in a relationship.

Am I guaranteed to find love?
So, like the genie in a bottle, I can’t force anyone to love you. But I can teach you how to find the ones who will do it naturally and who will be happy to do it. Personal development requires personal work. Between questioning onself and the desire to progress.

Is it expensive?
Does investing 5 € / day in yourself seem too much?

If I’m small, ugly and with a lot of problems, will I still manage to find someone?
If you are at this level of self-deprecation, perhaps starting with a “classic” personal development service would be a better idea than jumping right into the deep end of the subtle art of seduction.

Do you do the conversations on dating sites/apps for me?
Certainly not ! I am here to reveal you to yourself, not to do the work for you. I reserve these kinds of obscure practices for even more obscure practitioners. I am not here to allow you to meet Kleenex people, but to help you have lasting relationship with yourself, and by extension, with others.

It is not uncommon to ” stumble ” or block in front of some customers. It is also not uncommon for certain situations to resonate with us and show us what we have to observe within ourselves: our own difficulties. This is called “client-therapist synchronicity”. These situations push us either to have to assert ourselves better, or to better control the framework of our coaching (time, limits, biases …): therefore to resume our role as coach.

The purpose of this service is not to make you reinvent the wheel or to completely question your methods, but simply to offer a better quality of service to your customers within the framework of your practice: it allows to better retain your customers, and make them want to recommend you far beyond just commenting in your Guestbook or staring you on yelp.

Coaching for Coach
Enhance coaching practices

The practitionner is a constant learner”

This very special formula is intended for coaches, therapists, and anyone practicing personal care. Improving one’s coaching practices, and in particular therapeutic coaching, is a healthy practice, even necessary for any accompanying person.


If I am a coach, what is it useful for me to be coached?
Do you know the expression of the poorly-shod shoemaker?

Will I have a diploma or a certification following this coaching?
Only a ” training organization ” is authorized to issue this type of document (I hope to be able to do so soon). In the meantime, I can share with you what I have learned that is particularly unique and useful through my 14 years of experience.

If I am not satisfied, will I be reimbursed?
If you are a coach, you should know that our service only has an obligation of means, and not of result. I promise to put my enthusiasm, my best resources, and my know-how at your service, but I cannot guarantee your success for you.