l'ub ou l'autre

The one and the other

"The other, is the name we give to the one we hate."

The other, is the representation of separation, with source, with unity. 

The other, is everything we reject of ourself. 

It’s everything we don’t like in ourself.  

Everything that we learn to hate to be accepted. 

Everything that we don’t accept anymore just to fit in and correspond to the  expectations of the one’s pretending to love us inconditionnally.

But we forget that, the other, it’s also us. 

It’s you, it’s me. 

And it has to start with loving onself. First. 

Then if you bend a little your perception, and if you accept to walk in the other’s shoes, “the other”, whoever it will be,  even the one that has been hurting us in some way,  we can discover that we could make the same foot blisters, that the heels are hurting the same way, that the feet is stuck in the same unvonfortable position, that the leather of the shoe has hardened, that  the slop is slipping, that the laces are too entangled,  etc… 

This way, we learn to understand what it’s like to forgive, to love the other… in ourself. 

The other doesn’t exist. 

There is only you. 

And parts of you that you don’t love enough, and which are finding a reflection in “the other”. 

The other, is the perpetual mirror telling something about youself. 

The other is you, it’s me, it’s us. 

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